The Wonders of Winter Break


Evelin M., Blogger

During winter break my family and I decided not to go anywhere for Christmas. We stayed home and had fun being together. My sister and I helped my Mom cook some food. We made a ton of Mexican food like tamales, pozole and much more!

After we were done eating we did this tradition where God’s a baby. We lay him down and pray for him. Once it’s midnight opened our gifts. I got a new phone and clothes. I was so happy and excited. I thanked my Dad and Mom for the gifts.┬áMy Dad and sister got my younger brother new toys, shoes, clothes, Olaf blanket, and gift cards. He was so happy playing with his new Paw Patrol toys. My sister got my Mom new clothes and gift cards. She was happy. My sister and I got my Dad new clothes and gift cards.

My uncle called my Mom a few days before New Year’s Eve and told her that we should go to his house and celebrate in Chicago. We left early on Friday so we wouldn’t be stuck on traffic. When we got there we just hung out and waited for him to get back from work to eat. When he got home he took us to this restaurant called Texas Corral. The theme made me feel like I was actually in Texas.

On Saturday my Mom and aunt prepared the food. My aunt made pozole and some other food that I didn’t eat. While we waited, I curled my cousin’s hair and put make-up on her because she wanted me to.

A few hours later we ate and waited for the count down. We had our grapes and my parents had their champagne. Finally, it was the new year! We said what were we thankful in 2016 and how we would make 2017 the best year.

On Sunday night my uncle took us downtown to see the Christmas tree. Unfortunately when we got there the lights were taken off of the Christmas tree. We just walked around it. It was really cold that night.

We got to see a different Christmas tree and watched people ice-skating. My uncle asked if we wanted to ice-skate but I didn’t want to because I didn’t know how. I would have just embarrassed myself.

We went back home because it was really cold. A few hours later my Dad told us we had to leave because it was getting late and he had to work. When we got home we didn’t really do anything. We went to sleep right away.

That’s how I spent Christmas and New Year’s. It was really fun.