Broham the Wonderful Dog


Sara Z., Blogger

Every Saturday I go to Reach Rescue with my Mom.  I’m not old enough to help out with the other stuff like giving the dogs baths and shots, but I am able to play with them and take them on a walk.  I wish I could take all the dogs home because they’re so cute.  When dogs are not adopted, people can foster them.  

I once fostered a little dog named, Broham.  

One night last year I was getting ready for bed. My Mom got a call from a woman who works at Reach Rescue. She said something about a dog that was found in an alleyway by a garbage bin and told my Mom had to go to the Rescue to meet up with her.  When my Mom told me what happened I asked her if I could come with and she agreed.  

When we got to the Rescue we saw the caller. She explained that the dog was not there yet, but was on its way.  All I wanted to do was hold the dog and give him cuddles.  

When the dog arrived he looked so skinny. I could see the shape of his bones all around his body.  I felt so bad for him.  When I looked into his eyes all I saw was him being hungry and scared, but at the same time he was happy to have someone hold him.  The lady who brought him had to leave and said goodbye.  

“What is his name?” I asked. “His name will be Broham after the nickname I gave to my brother who passed away from cancer.”  I liked that name.

The worker who called us said we should get him set up for the night.  I looked at my Mom wanting to take him home.  “You know what,” my Mom said. ”I think that we should take him home.” It didn’t take that long to get an approval from the worker. 

When we got home my sister was asleep so she didn’t know what had gone on.  I put my dog Bella in my Mom’s room so she would not see Broham. I helped my Mom get the stuff out of the car and brought it into the house.  Since my dog did not like other dogs at the house we put Broham downstairs and we closed the gate to the steps.

When we got down everything downstairs my Mom went to feed Broham. Broham was very excited and his tail started wagging. It moved in circles like a propeller and that made me laugh.  My Mom put the flat with food on the ground. We were happy to see that Broham was eating.  When he was done eating I grabbed some blankets from upstairs and put them on the ground where Broham was going sleep.  

“Hey Sara, are you going to stay down here with him?” my Mom asked.  “Yes, I am,” I responded.

I said goodnight and my Mom went upstairs to bed.  I went over to the blankets and Broham followed. He laid down in his little dog bed.  He looked a little cold so I put some of my blankets over him.  I  gave him a hug and kiss and went to bed.  

The next day we took care of his needs and hung out with him.  We ended up keeping him for one more night.

The next day we took him to another foster family because we really weren’t able to keep him. He was still a little sick and no one would be home during the day to take care of him because of school and work.

A woman from the Rescue ended up fostering him.  The lady was very nice and we knew we put Broham in good hands. Broham has been doing well and he is no longer a bag of bones. I can’t wait to see and play with him sometime.