The Short End of the Stick

The Short End of the Stick

Sabrina C., Blogger

Being short has its pros and cons. Unfortunately, there are more cons than pros.

One of the many daily challenges I face is having to deal with cabinets, shelves, and doing the laundry. When it’s time to put away the dishes, I have to climb the counter in order to reach the cabinets to put away the dishes. Along with that, when I have to take my clean clothes out of the washing machine, I practically have to climb inside to reach my clothes.

Along with the daily physical challenges, I also deal with being constantly reminded of my disadvantage. “Hey, shorty” or “How’s the weather down there?” are often said to me. Sometimes when people really want to be funny, they take something of mine and hold it high up in the air and watch me struggle to reach it.

Although people say I’m short, I don’t see where they are coming from. The average height is 5’4″ for a grown woman and I am 5’1″. I am very close to the average height. Maybe I will forever be considered short no matter what height I am, but I’m not alone in this world of tall people. 


After hearing me endlessly rant on the many struggles of being short, there are perks to having the short end of the stick.

Short people have short legs. We are able the fit in small places. While I’m in school, I like to get a little comfy. In order to do this, I put my legs up on my chair. With little to no problems, I am able to easily get comfy. In addition to this, when going under something, such as a tree or a playground, we don’t have to duck when walking under things.

One time when I was with my friend, she was high up on a bed and when she stood up she hit her head on the ceiling. I am fortunate to not have to deal with that. There are also a lot of health benefits to being short. We live longer than tall people. A lot of tall people struggle with leg room. Short people never have that problem; we have all the space in the world.