Desserts, Are You Nuts?!


Ryan K., Blogger

There’s a lot of desserts out there, but most are terrible. I’m going to give you the best. 

Any desserts that have fruit in them are awful.  Dessert is supposed to be unhealthy and people are adding fruit.  I don’t think fruit is supposed to be in unhealthy things, except for Banana bread. Banana bread is awesome. Apparently it was put into cooking books around the 1930’s.

Nuts also must go.  Most nuts don’t belong in sweet things. I’m not a real big fan of crunching into something you think is smooth. Crunchy peanut butter doesn’t make sense. Smooth Peanut Butter is really good, though. A few week’s ago my family made a peanut butter and chocolate cake. It was really really good. Nuts provide a weird unwanted crunch that nobody wants.

Sour desserts/candy are decent. I really like the Sour Punch©®™ candy, especially the blue ones. They have a good ratio of sour to sweet flavor. Other than that there aren’t many really sour desserts. It’s just all sour candy. I don’t really like other sour candy because it just tastes sour, it’s not sweet at all.

Cake and cupcakes are really good most of the time. I think the deal breaker for me is the frosting. I’ve never had a really fancy cake so when people put on the frosting I want it to be Buttercream. Whipped Cream frosting doesn’t deserve to be on cake. Apparently Buttercream gives it a rich, sweet flavor. That must be why I like it. I never really liked cake until I tried Buttercream. When I used to go to birthday parties I wouldn’t eat the cake.

Ben & Jerry’s is known for having some outrageous flavors.

Ice cream is really fun. There’s a lot of different flavors and different kinds. I beleive ice cream is the most versatile dessert. That’s why it is the most liked dessert in the world. There are many unique ice cream shops that have different flavors and different ways of making the same delicious treats. There’s also big name brands like Ben & Jerry’s©®™ which have so many flavors.

My top three desserts would be brownies, cookies, and donuts. Cookies and donuts are perfect because they’re so portable. They’re made to be taken around with you. You can’t pack a whole cake in your lunch, but if you want 12 cookies you could have that. I like cookies and brownies because when they’re made good and stay fresh, they’re addictive. I also like cookies and brownies because there aren’t a lot of different flavors. Instead of trying to make new flavors you can focus on trying to perfect your cookie or brownie. Donuts are perfect in the morning. They’re a small snack and can travel with you. So on those days when you’re a little behind you can grab a donut and skedaddle.

There are many desserts that are really good, but for every good one there’s a bad one.