Ba da ba ba ba. IT’S CHEAP!


David S., Reporter

Is McDonald’s truly worth your money?

When you enter McDonald’s you hear cashiers taking orders, fries and hash browns sizzling, and faint music. It’s so quiet there’s a 0.00001 percent chance you’ll recognize the song. You might hear pans clashing together. The only way to find out why is by going to the back and you are not doing that.

Most of the tables weren’t clean because they had stains and crumbs. The floors were sticky. The drink machine were extremely messy. There was soda all around it and on the floor. The cleanest place in the whole restaurant was surprisingly the bathroom. The floor was completely dry, no stains in sight, and all the toilets were clean.

The McDonald’s menu is diverse. It recently added Pico Guacamole, Maple Bacon Dijon, and Sweet BBQ Bacon chicken and hamburger options. McDonald’s prices are really cheap. Your money goes a long way. A McChicken, cheeseburger, and small fries will cost you six dollars. Some Burger King locations will charge you four dollars for just ONE whopper.

When you order you might small the scent of a male cologne. Now it’s expected McDonald’s will complete your meal quickly. An order of McChicken, cheeseburger, small fries, and a large drink took one minute and thirty seconds. The main reason for the speed is because everybody knows cheeseburgers and McChicken sandwiches are one of the cheapest items on the menu. A lot of people order them.

The McChicken looks like it was cheaply and terribly made. The lettuce is really old, and most of the chicken was cooked okay but not extremely well. There’s a disgusting amount of mayonnaise on the sandwich. It smells acceptable because the chicken smells like chicken and you can smell the bread a little. It tastes excellent. The bread is sweet and the mayonnaise really complements the chicken. What the McChicken lacks in appearance, it makes up for in smell and taste

The cheeseburger also looks cheap. It has a sausage looking patty, cheap American cheese, and the same bread used in the McChicken. It smells unnatural. The cheese and ketchup make a funky taste together. It tastes like a normal cheeseburger. It doesn’t have anything special. The quality of the cheeseburger is overall not the best. The smell and appearance make it seem really unappetizing.

Despite the disappointing cheeseburger, a meal at McDonald’s can be amazing. The fries are made well because they smell like a salty potato. They taste like heaven because of their salty, fluffy insides. The McChicken is amazing. You’d be wise to get the McChicken meal.

Overall McDonald’s is a good place to go for food. 4 PAWS

McDonald’s is located at 3301 W. Grand Ave., Waukegan, IL 60085