Not Yo Momma’s Cooking

From, baked potato.

Quentin W., Blogger


Last night my Dad made baked potatoes with a refreshing salad of mixed vegetables. The main part of the dish was the red baked potatoes with melty cheeses and delightful seasoning. When you added sour cream it topped the whole thing off. It was comfort food at its best. The potatoes where nice, and warm, and not too tough, or not too soft, made you feel so good inside. The salad was my favorite part of the dish, it had red cabbage, carrots, radishes, mixed bell peppers, blue cheese, cucumbers, zucchini, and a secret dressing. The salad was my favorite part ‘cause it gave a different element to the comfort food of the potatoes. It was a nice fresh element to it and tasted really good. The dressing was nice and light and was the perfect combination with the blue cheese. All in all, that was a pretty good meal. When my dad was about five years old he started experimenting with food. He would just put a bunch of stuff together and would see if it tasted good. He started cooking with his mom when he was younger and then when he got into his teens he started cooking for real.


Last night my Dad cooked dinner again, and he made the best chicken! He grilled it perfectly so that it wasn’t dry and was still moist, and he didn’t char the skin (I don’t even think that there was skin on it). He put this really good barbecue sauce on it, Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet Golden Mustard Barbecue sauce. The way my dad grills chicken, and when he adds that barbecue sauce on it, it makes me love chicken even more (which is saying a lot). Another thing about the chicken, is was really tender, you bit into it and it fell right off the bone, that made it so much better. Another thing that my Dad made that night was, RIBS! I love the way my Pops makes ribs, always tender, juicy, and plenty of barbecue and spices. Although this time, they weren’t as tender as they normally are, but not by much. Along with the chicken and ribs, he made frozen corn and… sweet potato gnocchi! Even though he just buys the frozen stuff from Trader Joe’s, it is still pretty good. Always nice and soft and full of flavor. I can’t wait to eat real gnocchi one day!