My Extension Art Experience

Mikayla O., Blogger

Extension art is an art program in CS, where students get accepted for an all year class that involves a lot of work and commitment. Mrs. Fischer teaches all of the kids how to use all different art supplies.

Ever since 6th grade she has been trying to teach us all that no one is born being good at painting, chalk, or pencil. This is all something you have to work for. It takes practice and patience.  She also gave advice on how to use all different mediums.


When using chalk it is very important to use every finger on your hand. It doesn’t matter what colors go on which finger. However, you don’t want your pinks to mix with your blues and your blues to mix with your whites. This is a very good tip.


I’m sure if you’re a painter, or you just really love t0 paint, you already know this. This is for people who don’t know much or even the basics. Never use an ordinary color. You should always mix different colors together because then everything you do will be yours, even the colors!


Pencils can be difficult. You can use your fingers, but there are very helpful materials for your pencil work to look better shaded. Keep your hands clean. You can buy these at any craft store and the material is call a blending stump. These are shaped like pencils and help blend very well. It’s almost shaped like a pencil just a little bit bigger. To keep the point on you never use a pencil sharpener, you must use sandpaper.


You might think there is only one kind of eraser out there, the standard school eraser…wrong! There are three main erasers we use in extension art. I really like kneaded erasers. They’re my favorite.  If you don’t know what this type of eraser is, it says it in the name, youImage result for art suppliescan knead it. The difference with this eraser and a standard school eraser is that since you can knead it you can erase really small things because you can shape it to a point.It also takes a lot longer to wear off. Now if you’re using really thick paper and you don’t want the eraser to tear the paper you should probably use a gum eraser. This particular eraser is meant to crumble and fall apart, because the eraser itself is supposed to fall apart not the paper.

I hope all of this was helpful, have fun drawing!


If you are are a seventh grader who is interested in an all year CSMS art program, extension art is the perfect activity for you! This blog is going to inform you on extension art portfolios, projects, and more.

Let’s start with auditions…

When the year is coming close to an end, that is the time to talk to

Mrs.Fischer(CSMS art teacher) about the extension art program. Mrs.Fischer has you gather a portfolio with your best artwork. The portfolio doesn’t have to have certain types of drawings,    and your drawings don’t need to have certain medium. A good piece of advice is to not put too much thought into your portfolio art. I randomly drew things until some of the drawings came out really good.

Now let’s talk about expectations…

The Carl Sandburg extension art program is very similar to Mrs.Fischer’s art class but very different at the same time. You are more independent than the regular art class because Mrs.Fischer has to teach the other classes. Another thing that is different is that you sit on the opposite side of the room, and you stay in the program for the whole school year. For every project you create you are required to write a reflection on the project.

Finally, let’s talk about all the fun!

Since you have a separate extension art supply list all of your art supplies are shiny and new, and you don’t have to search through a bucket for your oil pastels. The extension art classes get fresh new paints and you don’t have to use the old paints.