I’ll Do It…Tomorrow


by: invisibilebread.com

Salvador G. and August H.

Procrastination has taught us many things such as, doing 8 hours of work in 10 minutes and 10 minutes of work in 8 hours which is an awesome thing to be able to do. And if you don’t procrastinate, you aren’t living your life. We also realized that if you give us a project and a deadline 30 years in the future you bet that we will do it at the last second.

What do you do with so much free time? Well, you sleep for 12 hours (which is AMAZING). Speaking of sleep we have learned how important sleep is.


Procrastination has not just taught us stuff. It has also taught many other people *cough cough* teachers. If you still don’t understand that procrastination is life we will explain to you in more detail. On the other hand we could just use a video to explain for us. Yeah, that sounds like a better idea.