The Shoe Game History

Blianca H., Blogger

Shoes are a basic everyday need. Everyone needs them to keep their feet comfortable for the day or even just to show off their style. Way back when it was practically a piece of cloth that was worn just to protect, but as soon as more material to came out to be stylized the whole shoe game was changed.

One of the first companies to come out that got some attention was “Converse”. They were founded way back in 1908. This type of shoe was used for almost ten years until another company called “Keds” came out in 1916. These two shoes were used for a really long time, almost about 20 years.

Converse would be simply used and they were mostly worn as high tops. Keds was more of a basic shoe. They would mostly come out in white and were low top. The Converse company used really basic colors within their first pair of shoes. Their color would be as simple as beige, brown, white, or black. Keds company kept it simple with white and black.

After those companies were used for a good amount of time, more shoe companies started coming out. Two companies that are now really well known is “Adidas” and “Puma”.

“Adidas” was founded in 1949 and “Puma” was founded in 1948. One fun fact about these two companies, is that the first owners were brothers. They had created both their shoe brands in their Mom’s basement. Since “Puma” came out first one the shoes that owner “Rudolf Dassler” was for football use, but many still wore it. Then “Adidas” came out with their signature Samba’s. They had the three stripes and had were blue, yellow, black, and white. “Adidas” has kept the same concept with their shoes and incorporated different colors and showing off the three stripes.

Now this shoe brand has to be one of the most popular around the world, and that would be “Nike”. When they came out with their first shoes they pretty much showed it off with their “Nike” logo plastered on its side. They were founded in 1964. Around that time “Nike,” “Adidas”, and “Puma” was the most worn shoes around the world. 

After “Nike” was released, they were used for a good amount of time. Everyone had to have the next sneaker they released. To this day many people look forward to see what they will come up with. A couple years after “Nike” was founded a new brand came out. This brand was “Vans“.

“Vans” were founded in 1966, but didn’t get much attention until 1975. They came out with their Classic Era’s. This type of shoe came out in a wide range of colors.

Many skateboarders would use these shoes. That’s how they would first garner attention. It had a nice plain platform, great for staying steady. 

There are many more brands, but these in my opinion have come the furthest. These shoes have changed in so many ways as the years pass, but to this day everyone still loves wearing them in whichever style they chose.