Spicy Chips

Iker Portillo, Writer

  Takis : Takis were made in the year 1999, and stayed the same. Takis are made in mexico and are shipped to america. Takis are owned by a  company named Barcel, and that company is owned by another company this one is named Bimbo. There are 5 different types of takis. The original, Xplosion takis with cheese and peppers, Nitro takis are part habanero and the other part cucumber, Crunchy Fajitas takis It explains itself, Then there is Guacamole Takis its just takis that taste like guacamole. There was another             flavor of Takis it was called Zombie Takis, their were discontinued since of 2018. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/55028426667925950/

I say for spiciness I would give a 3-5, because their not that spicy but in the middle.  My personal rating is 5-5 because these chips are really good. Takis are $2.68. And for that price it’s worth to buy the chips. 


Sabritones- Sabritones are a mexican chip. Which are made in mexico. Sabritones are a wheat puffed chip with spices on it. Sabritones where first made in 1943. Sabritones are own by frito lay. Frito lay also make Cheetos and Doritos. I would rate Sabritones spiciness 1-5 because it not that spicy. I would rate the flavor a 4-5 because Sabritones taste good but could be better. The cost of Sabritones is $2.