Noodles & Company Satisfies Noodle Lovers

Noodles & Company Satisfies Noodle Lovers

Jasmine P., Reporter

When you first walk into the restaurant you are greeted with a pleasant atmosphere. There’s huge windows that lets loads of light pool in. The carpeted floor is nice and clean and everything is spaced out and not all squashed together. Usually it’s not that crowded, which makes it nice because people get uncomfortable in crowded spaces. Most of the time, customers are chatting, laughing, and enjoying their food.

The prices are okay. The noodles can be $4.00 to $6.00, but with how good they are it is worth spending that much. If you buy a cup to fill with your choice of drink at the Coca Cola Freestyle machine you can keep refilling it for FREE!

The service is really quick! You don’t have to wait long for your noodles to arrive. The waiters are okay. They aren’t friendly or rude, usually they’re gone after they’ve served your food.

The menu is full of what you expect…mostly dishes of different types of noodles. One of their dishes is called, Japanese Pan Noodles. This dish contains caramelized udon noodles in a soy sauce with broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, asian sprouts, black sesame seeds, and some cilantro. The dish is gorgeous and tastes magnificent. The noodles are nice and filling. They’re long and fat and a little spicy. The vegetables are soft and easy to eat. They go well with the noodles.

Another dish is simply called, Buttered Noodles. They, of course, are buttered noodles. What makes them unique is that they are practically soaked in butter. The type of noodles are curvy and wavy and there’s a little parmesan cheese in there. I LOVE how much butter there is. It’s the perfect amount. You get to enjoy the warm butter and the taste doesn’t overcome the actual noodles. If you aren’t feeling like noodles there’s other foods to enjoy including soup, sandwiches, salads, and meat.

Overall, this place is great to get noodles at. The service is fast, the food is delicious, the environment is great, and you get free drink refills. 4 PAWS

Located at 700 North Milwaukee Avenue, Vernon Hills, IL 60061.