Spicy chips review

Luis Corona Alvarado, Writer

Dynamites are tortilla rolled chips making it to a taquito (basically their doritos but spicier and are rolled up) . They were produced by frito-lay. In english there known as dinamita. There are two flavors chile limon (“chile lime”) and nacho picoso (“spicy nacho”).  They come in 4- and 9.25-ounce bags for a suggested retail of $1.49 and $2.99 respectively. You can use Frito Lay’s website to locate them

Doritos tapatio Taste test: This new take on Doritos (released along with Tapatio versions of Fritos and Ruffles) had a slightly darker shade of orange than the ordinary Nacho Cheese Doritos but otherwise looked fairly similar. On close examination, there were some tiny dark specks of seasoning unevenly distributed over the surfaces, which seemed to account for most of the difference in color.


Spiciness: ⅕