towards a better life post 1


Dayana Landa Gomez


My family is from Mexico. They lived in a poor place called Guerrero. My parents were still young when they came here to the United States. My parents came to the United States because they wanted a better life for them and us, their kids. My parents were very poor in Mexico. My mom lived with her 2 parents and her 8 siblings. She has 3 brothers and 5 sisters. My mom lived in a one room house. They all had to share beds. My grandma had more kids but they passed away when they were babies. My mom only went up to school till 6th grade. They all had to work everyday and cook. My dad lived with his parents and 4 siblings. My dad also was very poor. My dad had never gone to school. He doesn’t know how to read and write. My dad had to work everyday with his dad. 


When my parents got married, my mom was 15 and my dad was 18. My mom had moved out of her parents house and moved in with my dad. My mom got pregnant around 16  years old. A little while after my mom’s baby passed away from being sick. After a while my mom had my older brother Heri at 20 years old. Then when my mom had my older sister Neydi at 21 years old. My siblings were still little when they were at mexico. They had many families over there