Baskin Robbins doesn’t have the best ice cream.

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Imelda Gomez, writer

 In my opinion La Michoacana Premium has better ice cream than Baskin Robbins. I think that because if I order a strawberry ice cream at Baskin Robbins it doesn’t have a real flavor. It doesn’t taste real to me and I like ice cream that has an abundance of flavor. On the other hand, if I order a strawberry ice cream at La Michoacana it feels like I’m actually eating a strawberry. The flavor is so good that it makes me want even more! At Baskin Robbins, it doesn’t have that rich nice flavor I get when I’m at La Michoacana. The difference between them is that La Michoacana has more flavors that actually tastes like the flavor name. Baskin Robbins does have a lot of flavors but not as much as La Michoacana. It does have flavors I like but if I had to choose between La Michoacana or Baskin Robbins I would choose La Michoacana. Baskin Robbins is a nice place to eat ice cream when you can’t get any other ice cream but I’d prefer La Michoacana for the realistic tasty ice cream.