Burgers deserve better.


photo from https://www.rd.com/food/fun/reason-mcdonalds-got-rid-supersized-menu/

Imelda Gomez, writer

If I had to choose which fast food restaurant has the best burgers I’d say Steak n’ Shake because their burgers can fill your stomach real quick. Compared to McDonald’s burgers Steak n’ Shakes burgers are way bigger in size and in flavor. McDonald’s burgers are also good but I’d only eat it if I don’t have that much money with me. Steak n’ Shake is a bit pricey, it’s double the price of a hamburger at McDonald’s! I still like it even though it’s pricey. The difference in money and taste with these two burgers is very large. McDonald’s burgers don’t have the flavor that the Steak n’ Shake burgers have. They obviously don’t taste the same but if I had to choose between these two burgers I’d go with the Steak n’ Shake burger.