Karina’s Bakery-Overall Opinions

Photo from https://www.facebook.com/karinasbakeryy

Photo from https://www.facebook.com/karinasbakeryy

Yanelis Quinones, Writer

Karina’s Bakery is very well known in Mundelein. It’s one of the top bakeries and has multiple locations. Their pastries range from simple cookies to extravagant wedding cakes. They’ll even custom make desserts by requests.

They also have different cultural foods and even make coffee. Most of their locations are well decorated and most people who leave ratings leave over 4.2 stars.

In some locations you can even dine in! Sit back and relax while you do your work or even just hangout! Wherever you do go, you can always find many different desserts to purchase and give your taste buds an amazing savoring taste with every bite.