Visiting popular places in California that I would recommend going – Visiting San Francisco

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Ivan Salgado, Writer

San Francisco Is a wonderful place to visit. You can visit a historical place called Alcatraz Island and its fascinating place to visit. And there is one thing you can’t forget about San Francisco, the golden gate bridge. When I saw the golden gate bridge from a distance It was breathtaking. I don’t know why but it was incredible, just unbelievable. There are some really nice restaurants around there.After visiting the Golden Gate Bridge I went to the Golden Gate Park it’s a nice place to chill and look around.  But speaking about looking around I went and for the first time I went on a cable car. It’s kinda crazy how they work because they don’t run on gas. But after all San Francisco,HollyWood,Los Angeles are a great place to visit. Maybe one day you’ll try it out.