Ailany Herrera, Writer

Foods to give babies can come in many helpful ways. Some foods can be hard for babies or even infants to swallow and that could cause them to choke. As newborn babies till at least a year, gerbers are what’s best for them to eat until they get to age where they can start eating solids little by little. Foods such as hot dogs, gum, popcorn, chunks of cheese or meat depending how big the chunk is, hard candies and peanut butter. Once they reach the age of 1 they can start off by eating small portions of meats, cheese and other solid foods.  Hot dogs can cause babies to choke based on the tube shape of how the hot dog is formed.

Babies also tend to like to put everything in their mouths. For example, when you leave around pennies or any small objects lying around the house, the babies or even toddlers will grab it and put the object in their mouth and that can cause them to choke. Or even having glass around the house with infants can also be a hazard for the child. Having glass around can easily break and leave glass pieces on the floor which the infant can easily walk across, crawl across or even grab a piece and put it in their mouth.  All of these things can cause a baby/toddler to choke. Even cabinets can cause an infant to harm themselves.

Making sure you have baby proofed the whole house is something very important for many reasons. Baby proofing cabinets and doors is a must because the infant can open either the door and/or cabinet and slam on their fingers.

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