How To Fill In Brows



Julie Navarrete Alvarez, Writer

Filling in your eyebrows could be hard depending on what you’re using. The easiest way to fill them in is by using a brow pencil. You just draw lines on your eyebrows. The hardest way to fill in your eyebrows is using pomade. You brush up your eyebrows and then with a flat angled brush you draw a line under your eyebrow and then you do it to the top. You don’t want to touch the top part of your eyebrow because then you end up having box eyebrows.

After you have to lightly fill in your eyebrow. You should do it lightly because if you don’t your eyebrows will look very dark and dark eyebrows are ugly. When you’re done you can blend in the product and then conceal your eyebrows. You can also use brow powder or even eyeshadow to do your eyebrows. Whatever works best for you.