Ailany Herrera , Writer

Activities are a really big part of entertaining a toddler. Sometimes toddlers can be very cranky when they feel like they’re bored. Some activities that help me are putting on their favorite T.V show or movie. Another activity that I use for babysitting a toddler is letting them color or even paint. They enjoy that. You can also take them outside or go to the park and they’ll enjoy themselves.

Your toddler may also like to do a puzzle depending on their age. Puzzles can build your toddlers physical, cognitive, and social skills just by completing the puzzle. They build their physical skills just by holding the pieces in their hands and turning them to fit. Puzzles also build your toddlers cognitive skills also just by solving it. Also builds their social skills by learning the patience of completing the puzzle and just being rewarded.

When you’re giving a puzzle to your toddler I would suggest to start off with 2-3 piece puzzles first and move forward from there. Types of puzzles for toddlers would also come in handy. The 2-3 knob piece puzzles would work best for 2 year olds. For your 3 year old toddler I would greatly recommend a at least 20 piece puzzle.

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