Common Languages

Quick Trip to Italy

Common Languages

Sonny Escobar, writer

 Italy Is a place where it is partly known for its language. You can hear many people speaking different languages there and may wonder what they are. The most popular language spoken in Italy is currently Italian, also known as a romance language. There is English, French, Spanish, German, Basque, Arabic, Romanian, Croatian, and Russian. Language is something that is well known by many people in Italy. Italy is a great place to hear a variety of languages from many different people.

Some ways to learn Italian is to go on some websites that are a good place to use. Some websites that you can use are Babble, Duolingo, and Bussu.   You can also go to the library to get some books and learn there yourself.  Italian can be learned in many ways that can be found, you can learn online, or in a book. The best way to learn a language is to set learning goals, you also have to learn the right words, study smart, learn about the culture, and to test yourself.  You can learn Italian in many ways but you can do it however you want.

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