Chipotle (and its twin)

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Gracie Greenfield, Writer

Everyone has heard of Chipotle. It’s one of my personal favorites. A good restaurant for getting food for the entire family, Chipotle has great flavor and various meal options. I’ve gone through my share of different orders from Chipotle as a result of going there often, even when I was younger. The first thing I remember eating was the cheese quesadillas. They were fresh, warm, delicious, and very big. My next order was steak tacos with cheese and sour cream. Finally, my current usual is a steak burrito bowl. I love the variety of tastes combined in a bowl that somehow go perfectly together.

But I’ll bet that many people have never heard of Java Burrito, a restaurant located on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. And while the restaurant is not the exact same, there were strange similarities between the two. Java Burrito has similar taste and options. For example, both restaurants offer burrito bowls. And Java Burrito has the ingredients lined up in bins on the counter- just like Chipotle. However, if one goes a bit deeper, then there are also differences. Java Burrito serves breakfast, isn’t a hugely popular chain and maybe the most blatant difference is the fact that Java Burrito is also a coffee shop. I love both restaurants and get similar orders at both. I obviously don’t go to Java Burrito nearly as much as Chipotle, they are both very good. And even though they are both generally even in my opinion, I must say- Java Burrito has better steak.