What is Ballet Folkorico?


Photo by Jolette Jimenez

Jolette Jimenez, Writer

Now you must be wondering what is Ballet Folkorico? Well I’m here to tell you. Ballet Folkorico is a type of latin dance that emphasizes local folk culture with ballet characteristics. In Ballet Folklorico we use pointed shoes and exaggerated moves. And you are probably thinking  oh it’s super easy all they have to do is move a skirt around and stomp. Not exactly. Ballet folklorico is actually pretty hard in my personal experience it took me months to even learn  and memorize all the movements and steps.

 My mindset going into it was oh it’s going to be extremely easy but it definitely proved me wrong.  I would definitely recommend this for you if you want to get a good arm and leg workout everyday. Trust me it’s not just stomping and moving your arms around like crazy you actually need to have rhythm and good memorization and not just that you have to be really good at knowing what movement you are supposed to do at every specific timing of the song and a lot of patience with yourself.