What will you need?


Jolette Jimenez, Writer

So you must be wondering what do I even need?. Well I’m here to tell you now you probably are wondering why should we listen to you? Well because I actually went into Ballet Folklorico kind of sudden so I most likely know what you are thinking. For example you’re most likely thinking I really want to do it but I just don’t have the exact shoes or even skirt or even enough money. Well I’m here to tell you some tips and what you can substitute the shoes and skirt with.

So first off let’s start with the shoes so personally I would recommend to use some flat heels because you will still be able to practice the footwork and you can get used to doing the footwork at the same time as doing the choreography.But I’m going to be honest you won’t be able to the footwork as well compared to the other girls but it helps you make some type of sound with you footwork.

Next is the skirt so personally when I first started and didn’t have the skirt the other girls had I used a very cheap 8 dollar flowy skirt from Goodwill which ended up working really well. Since it was very flowy it was easy to do the choreography. I have to admit it was very hard to control the skirt while doing the movements and you won’t be able to do the exact movements but it was really good practice. And let me tell you guys when I finally got my skirt I already knew all of the hand movements and choreography thanks to the Goodwill skirt and was better at doing most of the movements compared to the girls who always had the skirt they needed.

A place where you can get a skirt is from Amazon or Mexico. Personally I got mine made from an amazing lady from my church. One thing I realized when I was searching for a skirt is that they don’t really sell skirts here, same thing with the shoes. I personally had to get mine from Mexico because they were cheaper over there. But I would recommend getting them from Amazon.