What’s the best bike?




Edwin Roman, Writer

There are many debates in the world and this one is one of them. My opinion on the best bike is the Fixie bike. It’s essentially a bike with no brakes. The reason I love this bike so much is because  the amount of adrenaline you get when riding this bike you have to look an extra 100 meters to make sure you’re safe. The speed you get is incredible. There is a feeling you get on the bike that’s just satisfying and you can either love or hate this bike. 

BMX bikes are also good for tricks and other stuff, just not good for riding long distances. BMX bikes aren’t the type of bikes you can rely on to get you somewhere. However, you can definitely rely on it to not break after making it fall 7 times in a row trying to do a trick. I think what matters most is how the terrain is around where you live. You can get a mountain bike ,street bike, normal bike, BMX, etc.