Burritos to get at Taco Bell for below $20

Cheapest Things to get at Taco Bell for below $20


Jarrett Chico, Writer

This blog is mainly about burritos and how many burritos you can get at Taco Bell. Below is a list of how many of each item you can get at Taco Bell for below $20. *All of these items together would cost way more than $20* 

List of Burritos and How Many:

  • 15 BeanBurritos
  • 8 Beefy5LayerBurritos
  • 5 QuesoRitos
  • 5 BurritoSupremes
  • 5 CrunchWrapSupremes

The best deal on here is definitely the bean burritos. This is the best deal because for each burrito it is the cheapest price. But I believe all of them are pretty good deals. You can still get a large portion of each item for a pretty good price.