Cheapest Drinks to get at Taco Bell for below $20

Cheapest Things to get at Taco Bell for below $20

Cheapest Drinks to get at Taco Bell for below $20

Jarrett Chico, Writer

This blog is supposed to tell you which drinks and how many of that drink you can buy for below $20. The numbers I put before the drink are how many you can get of that item and that item only. 

List of drinks and how many you can purchase:

  • 20 Happy Hour Beverages
  • 6 Midnight Berry Freezes
  • 6 Blue Raspberry Freezes
  • 6 Wild Strawberry Freezes
  • 6 Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freezes
  • 20 Fountain Drinks
  • 20 Pepsis
  • 20 Diet Pepsis
  • 20 Pepsi Zero Sugars
  • 20 Mountain Dews
  • 20 Mountain Dew Baja Blasts
  • 20 Mountain Dew Baja Blasts Zero Sugar
  • 20 Mountain Dew Quick Start Orange Citrus
  • 20 Sierra Mists
  • 20 G2 Gatorade Fruit Punches
  • 20 Tropicana Pink Lemonades
  • 20 Brisk Mango Fiestas
  • 20 Lipton Unsweetened Iced Tea
  • 12 Premium Hot Coffees
  • 12 Regular Iced Coffees
  • Unlimited Water

 All of the drinks are good deals but the best ones are the Fountain Drinks. The freezes were the most expensive. I didn’t count the water towards one of the best deals because the water is free.®-Embarks-on-Largest-Expansion-of-Beverage-Menu-in-Company-History-with-Six-Unique-Flavors

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