Knowledge is the key

The easy road to a bank load

Knowledge is the key

Elijah Meister, Writer

Everybody has something that they used to collect as a kid or still do now. Whether it be newspapers, action figures, Pokemon cards. I started my collection. Football cards are very interesting items to collect and if you know what you’re doing you can make tons of money off one card. 

Many people start their collections in different ways whether it is they like going to a card show and picking out a specific card or they like or just buying a random pack that has multiple cards that are random. I started my collection when I was at my friend Jordan’s house. Now Jordan has tons of cards and he goes to card shows a lot and sells them and then sometimes ends up making TONS of money per event which is crazy but because he knows what he’s doing. 

I thought if I researched about cards and knew what I was doing I could do the same thing. Many places sell football cards like, Walmart, Target, or you could go to a card store. Others might like to go online and buy cards off of Amazon or eBay. But for me, I got started by buying like a thousand random cards that my friend Jordan did not want. So since then, I have gone to some card shows with Jordan just to browse. But since then Football cards have become a hobby that I enjoy.