This is what I do on my weekend come along with me

Day in a life of a kid during Covid

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Robert Lepczynski, Writer

Here is my day in the life of a middle schooler weekend edition. I first wake up around 10 o’clock and I usually chill out for a little. I get out of bed around 10:30 and do my morning routine. When I go downstairs, I don’t eat breakfast since I woke up so late I just wait till lunch. After I eat I usually go outside for a little it depends if I’m at my dad’s or mom’s. Then I come in and relax before baseball practice if I have it.

Then when I get home I shower and then I hop on my Xbox and play with my friends until around 12 and then I go upstairs, go on my phone for a little and then go to sleep. If I’m at my dads I never really bring my Xbox to his house. I just spend time with him. We usually watch TV and then when my dad goes to bed around 11 I go in my room and watch basketball or whatever sport is on and chill out before I go to bed around 12 12:30.