Ripped pants??? Fashion in 2020 – 2021

Fashion: Then vs. Now

Ripped pants??? Fashion in 2020 - 2021

Dayana Maldonado, Writer


Why do people have holes in their pants these days?? Because it’s the new style!!
In 2021 people love to wear things like ripped jeans, baggy pants, sweatpants, baggy sweaters, large shirts, crop tops, and A LOT more!

Personally I like all of the above, especially ripped jeans. There’s also a bunch of different styles and ‘aesthetics’! Social media influencers love to get everything that’s in style, so when we see them wearing a certain thing we start liking them as well! Some things that are “in” right now are: baggy clothes, ripped jeans, sweaters,tote bags, bucket hats, combat boots and lots more!!

Some places you can find these things are :
Forever 21, H&M, brandy melville, thrift shops, PacSun, American Eagle, Hollister, Plato’s closet, and much more!