Sweater vests?? Fashion in the 80’s – 90’s

Fashion: Then vs. Now

Sweater vests?? Fashion in the 80’s - 90’s

Dayana Maldonado, Writer


Fashion trends can go in and out over the years. For example: sweater vests were popular back then and now they’re popular again too!

Some things that were really popular in the 80’s and 90’s were:
Bike shorts, boxy blazers, slip dresses, platform shoes, sweater vests, scrunched socks & sneakers, chunky pearl earrings, tailored vests and a lot more!

Some designs/styles that were popular back then are:
Grunge, anti design, pop culture, rave, animal print, retro, Distressed textures, Torn edges, Distressed fonts, pastel colors, abstract shapes and patterns!

Personally some of my favorites are:
Boxy blazers, slip on dresses, SWEATER VESTS!, and platform shoes!
I also love the pastel colors, distressed textures, the abstract shapes/patterns, torn edges, pop culture, animal print, and retro!!