The battle of the Starbucks and Dunkin drinks

The good, the bad, the ultimate Starbucks drink ranking and comparisons

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Samantha Biesterfeld, Writer

 Starbucks and Dunkin are very different. But just because they are different doesn’t mean they don’t sell very similar drinks. So here is a head to head battle between the drinks.


  • Pink drink vs. Strawberry coconut refresher

Let me just save your time and money, the clear winner is the Starbucks pink drink. The taste of the pink drink is very balanced giving it a good sweetness level and overall a good drink. The strawberry coconut refresher on the other hand almost tastes carbonated like a soda. The coconut milk and strawberry flavor do not work together in this drink making it taste like a disgusting medicine. The pink drink is easily much better than the strawberry coconut refresher.


  • Cold brew vs. Cold brew

It is pretty hard to mess up a cold brew in my opinion so both have very similar tastes. This is a very hard decision between both cold brews because of the similarity in taste so it comes down to prices and the sweet cream cold brew that you can add on top. With the Starbucks cold brew the cold foam you can get on top has a little better flavor compared to the cold foam at Dunkin, but both add a good sweetness to the drink. Coming down to prices both are pretty reasonable but my overall choice for a quality well priced cold brew would be at Starbucks.


     Vanilla bean frappuccino vs. Vanilla bean coolatta

Both of these drinks are very good, the Dunkin coolatta being on the sweeter side and Starbucks frappuccino being a little less sweet. Both of these drinks are great for hot days because they are both very refreshing. Overall I can’t personally recommend which one you should get because both are great. It just depends on what sweetness level you are feeling that day. If you want a sweeter drink I would recommend the Dunkin coolatta but if you want something a little less sweet than I would recommend the Starbucks frappuccino.