Steps to doing acrylic nails


Takayla Moore, Writer

In this post I will be telling you all of the steps to doing acrylic nails. The first step is to make sure that you clip your natural nails so that when you put on the nail tip your nail won’t show under it the next step is to file an buff your natural nails to remove the shine from them. Then you can apply the nail tip/fake nail and after you add it you have to add primer so that you won’t damage your natural nails and after you add primer you can start to apply your acrylic. To pick up the acrylic you need monomer/acrylic liquid and a acrylic nail brush and after you make sure that you have those things you can start.

To add the acrylic onto the nail so you would dip your brush into the monomer/ acrylic liquid. Then you would dip it into the acrylic powder and add the bead of acrylic onto the nail and smooth it out and once your done doing that and the acrylic dries you can file the nail using an e-file/(electric file) or a hand file. When you’re done filing you can add on decorations if you want to or you can just add top coat when you’re done.