Relatable Dance Problems

Swetha C., Blogger


I use so many of these to keep my hair in place during dance. The problem is, THEY GET EVERYWHERE. Half of them fall out DURING dance. Even when I “finish” taking them all out of my hair, I always randomly find another pin poking me in the head three days later, like “Where did this even come from?!”

They also get lost SO easily. I used to have 5,498,609,438 pins. How many do I have now? Three.


How many pins I have at the beginning of class vs. how many pins I have at the end of class

Getting Weird Looks When You Go Out With Stage Makeup On

First of all, stage makeup is crazy. It literally feels like you have 4,989 pounds of makeup on your face. You get SO much acne from one recital with stage makeup on. Also, if you forget and rub your eyes, WELL THERE GOES YOUR FACE. YOUR ENTIRE FACE IS COVERED IN EYELINER AND MASCARA AND MAYBE SOME GLITTERY EYESHADOW AS WELL. This is also terrible when you are SO tired, and you have to fight the urge to rub your tired eyes.

Also, in bharatanatyam (Indian dance form) some people play gods and goddesses in routines. When they play these characters, they have to look EXACTLY like them. So if you are playing Lord Krishna, get ready to have your face painted blue.

Imagine walking into McDonald’s looking like this.

When You See a Seven-Year-Old Who Is 30x Better Than You

It is okay if you are not the best. There are always going to be people better than you, but do you know what is NOT okay? When a seven-year old is 70x better than you! Honestly, stop being so perfect.


It’s not like I am jealous or anything. It just makes me self esteem go from a 7 to a 2.


When the Entire Group Doesn’t Remember the Routine

This is actually a really nice moment, when you realize that you aren’t the only one who will get yelled at for forgetting the routine.

When the entire group forgets the routine and we all just look at each other like…?

When You Can Dance for Hours and Can’t Run for Two Minutes

Dancing is not easy. You have to balance on your sore toe, stretch out your tired legs, and be graceful while performing sharp movements while smiling like nothing’s wrong. HOW CAN I DO ALL OF THAT WHEN I CAN’T RUN FOR TWO MINUTES??? I can barely go downstairs to get a snack, how do you expect me to run?!

Honestly, the only time I run is when I turn off the lights in the basement and bolt back up the stairs so that monsters don’t kill me.

Me after running for 2.4 minutes.

Taking a Test and Having Choreography Stuck in Your Head

Question: What is 1+1?

My Answer: Three turns, go into that dreadful, painful pose….

Words CANNOT explain how annoying it is when you are TRYING to take a test, and your brain decides to be like, “NOPE. NOT TODAY. NONONONO. CHOREOGRAPHY CHOREOGRAPHY CHOREOGRAPHY…!”

This is what is going through my mind when taking tests that determine my entire future.

Getting Caught Dancing Down Store Aisles

I get bored just following my mom around the aisles of a store. No matter where we go, I always end up in Walmart, surrounded by pots, pans and towels. So, of course, I get bored. I just start dancing down the aisle like someone gone insane. That is, until SOMEONE WALKS PAST THE AISLE, SEES ME, AND DISRUPTS THE ENTIRE PERFORMANCE.

When you get caught prancing down the fruit section.