Makeup routine

Makeup routine

Mellany Rodriguez, Writer

So first in my makeup routine I apply my moisturizer to help prevent acne and it makes it easier to apply my makeup on. The next thing I do in my makeup routine is I apply my bb cream which is just a very light weight foundation. I’m in the shade 130 and I just softly dap it on all over my face with my beauty blender. After that I let it dry for a bit just so it doesn’t smudge. After I wait 2-3 minutes I grab my eye lash curler and start lighty curling my eyelashes just because I don’t want my eyes to look so spidery when I apply my mascara on.

As soon as the curl looks like how I like it I apply my mascara onto my eyes. The one I use is the lash sensational by Maybelline. I really like how it makes my eyes pop out more. That’s one of the only reasons I apply mascara. I wanna make my eyes look bigger. Then after I finish up my mascara I put on highlighter but my sam and nic eye shadow brush but I just it for highlighter cause it applies on nicely and it is the morph highlighter then I just do some on my inner corners, on the tip of my nose and then just a bit on the top of my lip. Then after that I use just the slightest bit of blush on my cheeks just to make them lighter and more lively. 

Then after that I just put on some chapstick or lip gloss and then I’m done.

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