Would you like a unicorn sticker on your water bottle for a year?

Can your water bottle survive the Hulk smash?


Photo taken by Alexis Southwick.

Alexis Southwick, Writer

So you got a brand new Hydro Flask and you want to decorate it. Paint is out of the picture because if you mess up you’ll have to stare at 65 dollars worth of a mistake on your water bottle.  Well I wanted to try and paint it. Once my mother caught the drift of what I was doing that was the end of that. So I needed a new idea to help make my water bottle my own and if it ever gets taken I can easily identify it as my own. So I went with the amazing idea of stickers. 

When I got my Hydro Flask, I wanted it to be full of color and have so much going on. Just like the aesthetic people on Pinterest and Youtube.  So I purchased some stickers from Target and it was a HUGE mess. I got the annoying cheap ones from the toy section in my cart next to some throw pillows. ( I was feeling very aesthetic that day) Once I got home I noticed how the stickers were sticking to the paper it was on and didn’t want to peel off. I didn’t think much of it until I put it on my water bottle and it didn’t want to stay on. Glue wasn’t an option because I didn’t want to ruin my water bottle so I went with tape. At this point I’m done and super annoyed at the stickers not sticking properly and the tape is ruining the aesthetic vibe I’m going for. I did some research and found out about the lovely thing of making your own stickers. 

Making your own stickers opened up a whole world of opportunities for me. I talk to my aunt and she says she has a cricket that can make vinyl stickers for any surface. So I get to work and go through Pinterest and find a really cute design of last names stretched on the side of a water bottle. I sent multiple photos to my aunt and that started the even more tedious process of finding the correct vinyl for the job. We went to multiple different shops and got 2 different kinds of vinyl from Amazon.  We ended up going through a roll of black and red vinyl. It was even more a pain trying to put it on a circular object that didn’t have any rough edges. 

To say that I love my water bottle is an understatement but I gotta say it put my creativity and sanity through a blender.