Starting the Journey to becoming Witch

Guide to Joining the Wonderful World of Witchcraft

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Shadow Reid, Writer

Witchcraft is something that anyone can do, regardless of gender or religion. The best way to begin is to start buying things you will need. It can vary based on the type of witch you want to be, but most need the following; crystals, spell candles, jars, herbs, and some books to help guide you.

Next it would be best to figure out what kind of witch you want to be. There’s many kinds, too many to explain here. The best way to figure it out is to find what’s important. Things such as cooking, astrology, plants, etc. then research what types of witches relate to those topics.

Of course you don’t have to be any type, as long as you practice witchcraft, and you want to be, and you believe you are, you’re a witch. The types are just there to give you something to focus on, and give more specific things to do. 

Next is to just research. Look up wiccan holidays, starter crystals, spell candles, herbs you want, good reliable books, spells, whatever things you might want to use for your craft.

I would also recommend, especially for books, to look at multiple sources so you don’t accidentally buy something by a bad person, or get incorrect information.

The best places to get these things would be metaphysical or witch stores, or online stores run by other witches. I would recommend only buying online if you know it actually sells what you need.