Evil Burger King corporation scams somebody, lives to regret it

Fast Food Rants

Photo from https://people.com/food/burger-king-launches-new-rewards-program-royal-perks-loyal-fans-can-get-free-food/

Photo from https://people.com/food/burger-king-launches-new-rewards-program-royal-perks-loyal-fans-can-get-free-food/

Zach Nicklas, Writer

Now, we all know about the big fast food giants, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Chick-Fil-A, those all somewhat deserve their spots. Yet one restaurant made it up there completely by luck, and that is Burger King.  Burger King is a corporation that has somehow made it to the top of the fast food industry by making burgers and other fast food items such as chicken nuggets.  The reason I decided to write about Burger King is because a lot of people do not realize how bad it actually is. One of their newer items, the Ghost Pepper Nuggets, claims that it has ghost pepper in it, which has around 850,000 to one million scoville units which means they are incredibly spicy. But somehow, even after the corporation tasted their product one flaw wasn’t noticed, the Burger King Ghost Pepper Nuggets are, again, not spicy, not even as spicy as a bell pepper, which has about 100 scoville units is still somewhat spicy. 

 This is coming from someone who loves spicy food and loves to eat somewhat spicy stuff.  Now that is an issue, and it is something that has been represented in other items too, Burger King has a huge issue with making their food actually taste like what they claim it has in it. Their burgers just taste like whatever flavoring they use, the meat is dry, the lettuce and tomatoes are bland, and the bread is bone dry.   I do have to say though, it is very impressive how they made a successful company off of horrible food, especially when their advertisements are not as enticing as their competitors. Now after all of this, which, by the way, I could taste from only going there about three times, I found that Burger King got incredibly lucky. 

 So, I found Burger King to be very disappointing, granted it’s not as bad as Taco Bell, and my tastes could just be off, but I highly doubt it. After I had gone there, I was incredibly disappointed and I believe you will be disappointed too after going to Burger King.  Now, I do hope you go to Burger King to try the food for yourselves, just because I could have just gone to a bad Burger King, but overall I would not recommend it, just save your money and if you have to go anywhere to get fast food, just stick with McDonalds.