Meanings of Crystals and Which to Get

Guide to Joining the Wonderful World of Witchcraft

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Shadow Reid, Writer

Crystals are beautiful pieces from the ground that can help your spiritual energy. Some can help calm you down, help with love, and some can help protect you. This blog will be about some of the best ones for starter witches.

Clear quartz is a great healing crystal, and can help improve your health. It can also help amplify your other crystals energy. 

Another quartz you should get is rose quartz. It’s commonly known as a love crystal, and can help improve your self love, and help attract love into your life.

Amethyst is another you’ve probably heard of, it can help bring relaxation and peace, and remove stress. 

If you want to attract more happiness and wealth to your life, citrine is a good crystal to get. 

Spiritual protection is another important thing, some good protection crystals are obsidian, black tourmaline, and smokey quartz

Lastly you’ll want to cleanse your crystals, so get some selenite too. Make sure that you don’t put it in water though, same with black tourmaline. If you do, they could break.

To charge your crystals, put them in moonlight or sunlight depending on what energy you want for them. Sunlight gives more energetic energy, and moonlight gives more calming energy. For moonlight, it’s best to charge them under a full moon.

Also I would recommend buying crystals from crystal shops in person, or at online crystal shops that’ve been proven to sell real crystals. That way you don’t end up with some dyed glass.