I have the criticism of Gordon Ramsey. Can your water bottle take it?

Can your water bottle survive the Hulk smash?

I have the criticism of Gordon Ramsey. Can your water bottle take it?

Alexis Southwick, Writer

What type of water bottle do you use? I use a Hydro Flask and after a few years of going through different brands of water bottle I have learned that it is a hassle to find a good one. For example trying to find a water bottle that won’t dent or crack if you drop it. It is a long and tedious process of trying to find an amazing water bottle with 10/10 reviews and scores. Let alone finding one with a good price. 

Let’s set up a scenario when you are about to go to basketball practice when BOOM your water bottle crashes and you notice you have a lovely little crack that water is seeping out of. You blame the internet because you bought the best water bottle ever. This is what happened to me once I got a brand new Pogo water bottle. It broke so now it’s in the trash where it belongs. 

Now that a bad water bottle is out of the way, let’s rate a good one. 

Hydro Flask. When I was looking up a new water bottle the first thing that popped up was a Hydro Flask. I saw a lot of my friends had one and all of them said it was very good quality. So I tried it out and I ended up getting one for my birthday. I got a 32 ounce one and it’s been dropped more times than I could remember. To sum it up I have had mine for almost a year and it’s in almost perfect condition.