History of Raul’s Taco Burrito Express

Taco And Burrito Express



Joanna Martinez, Writer

The idea began of owning a restaurant was in California when Raul’s wife said she was hungry and with 10 dollars in his pocket he took a risk and gambled at a machine and won 400 dollars, with that money he moved to the Lake County area and made the famous Raul’s Taco and Burrito Express.

It was March 6th, 2001 when two masked men walked in the kitchen of a Burrito Express in McHenry a former employee chased one of the guys to the parking lot and got him, Raul then chased the other with a knife but was sadly shot at the age 34. Raul’s murderer and the people in the getaway car were recently released from jail this past year. After this horrible incident it was a hard time for the Briseno family, but my grandpa Alonso Briseno took over his brother’s business and continued to run it since. Recently this year we moved locations only a couple minutes down the street.

Everyday Raul’s joy he brought to the family is missed.