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Taco And Burrito Express



Joanna Martinez, Writer

Taco And Burrito Express is my family owned restaurant. You may be familiar with the one here in Mundelein but that’s not our only one. The first restaurant that opened was in Wauconda which opened in 1990 owned by Raul Briseno. Next was Mundelein which opened in 1996. Fun fact: when my grandparents first opened Mundelein Taco And Burrito Express they made only around 70 dollars a day, now we make thousands a week.

Our next burrito was in McHenry owned by my uncle Gustavo who not too long ago opened a Taco And Burrito Express in Vernon Hills. Lastly there’s one in Fox Lake owned by my other uncle Heleodoro. That’s my family’s chain of Taco And Burrito Express.