Camera Movement


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Logan Garbrecht-Kaluza, Writer

In this post we will be talking about camera angles and movement. Eye Level Shot a shot that is eye level with a person. Low Angle Shot is at an angle, usually looking up at something tall or big to make the viewer feel helpless. High Angle Shot usually looking down at something small or short made to feel a sense of power. Hip Level Shot a shot usually shoes a persons body from the head to the waist. Knee Level Shot shows shoes someones feet and half of their legs it is used to show someone walking somewhere.

Now I have 2 movement types to talk about. Number one dolly a dolly is a set of tracks in which a camera on a cart is weald across it following some one. Number two pan a pan is when a camera slowly moves across a group of people or looking around a room. My favorite camera angle is knee level shot. Thank you for reading.