writers block is absolutely spectacular (it is not)

kutta makes a fool of itself very attractively


kutta has a breakdown

Kutta Nassiri, Writer

Dude I am ????? Stuck ???? I do not write that often. However I know when I feel motivated and or am struck with inspiration but today is not what those days were because I am an absolutely stumped man. I was gonna write abt bfdi or smthn but man my motivation to do ANYTHING even remotely related to writing is absolutely gone. Discarded. Poof.

I started to write about having writer’s block because I have literally no other ideas man. What do you want from me ????? I am stomped !!!!! I am zooped !!!!!! I am.  Stupid !!!!!! I had a breakdown yesterday. Not related, I don’t know what else to say. I want to draw personified objects not write like who wants to write when u could be drawing bfdi ??????? Truthfully I am hoping that the teachers have pity on me and give an ok grade. Just because I am genuinely just unmotivated. Without willpower. pathetic .  I’m tired !!!!!! If ya feel me, smash the like button below.

I do not wanna write. And it sucks because I have ideas I wanna write about but my willpower is fading away with every gosh diddly darn word I write !!!! I think I’d rather do literally anything else honestly. Like don’t get me wrong this blog is great. It gives students a voice and a place where they can just speak their thoughts somewhere but MANNN you ever have a moment where you just go “I’m not doing this today :)” and then you go back to bed?

That’s me. Except I don’t go to bed, I just draw objects. I could really go for some chicken nuggets right about now. I do not have anything worth saying ????? I mean I probably do. I am obviously the most important person on the planet but not right now. Frankly you are wasting your time by reading this. Like I have literally nothing else to say the words are gone. My idea juice is running extremely low. This is not a drill people !!!!!! This is not a drill!!!!!!!! I’m done. Goodnight