Some Chips Are Better Than Others


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Jesus Aguilera, Writer

Who doesn’t like chips? Especially Sabritas: I want to rank a few chips that I’ve chosen to rank. This is all just my opinion, there’s no facts or anything, but sorry if I put your favorite chips near the bottom. I will be ranking 15 kinds, so if one of them is at 15, that doesn’t mean it’s my least favorite of all chips, just of the 15 I’m ranking.

#15 goes to Fritos: I don’t know why people like these. I really don’t like the taste, I’m truly confused on why people forcefully eat Fritos.

#14 goes to Tostitos: I dislike Tostitos. I guess they’re good with salsa? I’ve never tried them with salsa, so maybe they’d be better with it. To me they’re just bland, and weird tasting.

#13 goes to SmartFood (Original): I’ve rarely ever had SmartFood, it’s just regular popcorn, not really a chip, but I’m counting it. It’s not bad, but I’d rather not eat SmartFood.

#12 goes to Ruffles (Cheddar): I really only gave the edge to Ruffles over SmartFood, solely because Ruffles are actually chips. I don’t like the Cheddar Ruffles, I feel like the cheese is too strong, and it’s hard for me to eat too many.

#11 goes to Lays: Lays are also bland, but they’re a good type of bland. Usually when I eat regular Lays, I add Salsa Valentina, and lime. But since I’m going off by the chips themselves, it’s lower than how I would rank it with the added taste.

#10 goes to Sunchips (ALL): I like Sunchips. Nice crunch. That’s really all I can say, they could have more flavors, better flavors too. They’re pretty good though, especially the ones in the Munchies bag.

#9 goes to Funyuns: I don’t like onions, but Funyuns make up for it, like I’ll say, nice crunch, nice taste. I like the Flamin’ Hot Funyuns even more though.

#8 goes to Sabritones: As you’ll see from here on, you’ll notice that the spicy chips are near the top, rather than the bottom. I really prefer spicy chips, and I like Sabritones, just not as much as others. I’m pretty sure it’s made from pork, so that’s something. I like the lime in it.

#7 goes to Cheetos: Cheetos are known for their crunch, and I appreciate the crunch. I like cheesy chips, that’s it.

#6 goes to BBQ Lays: I used to not like BBQ Lays, but now they’ve grown on me. I don’t like BBQ sauce in general, but I quite like BBQ Lays. Not my favorite Lays variation though.

#5 Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Puffs: I love Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Puffs, amazing crunch, the taste, it’s amazing. What I don’t like is how it sticks to your teeth, and it’s kind of hard to take out. That doesn’t really affect the taste though, still, they’d be higher if that wasn’t the case.

#4 goes to Lays Límon: My favorite Lays flavor. That’s really it. A great, yet simple flavor. I could eat these with Valentina and never get tired.

#3 goes to Takis: I really like Takis, but I do think they could use more lime. I really like residue that’s left on your fingers, and I really like it when it’s very fuzzy, and you just lick off the “dust”.

#2 goes to Flamin’ Hot Doritos: Absolutely love. The lime, and the spice is just perfect. One of the best Dorito flavors, in my opinion of course. That’s really all I can say, they’re delicious.

#1 goes to Doritos Dinamita: My all time favorite chips, the lime is great, the crunch is also great, they’re delicious, tasteful, flavorful, all the other synonyms of absolutely delicious. These are my all-time favorite, and will probably forever be my favorite.