Another War!!! McDonald’s Attacks Burger King

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Dayanara Aguilera, Writer

The long awaited WHICH FAST FOOD IS BETTER. Personally I believe that McDonald’s is better because it has more variety of food and tastes better in my mouth. states that McDonald’s has healthier options then the main competitor Burger King, but they also state Burger King comes in handy with their better customer service as well as ADs. There is as well there are about half as many Burger King locations as McDonald’s” Researchers state that these two restaurants are the biggest rivals yet. 

The most important thing is the price and the health risks that come along with eating a nice warm burger. “Burger King cheeseburgers contain more protein” But other studies are showing that they could possibly be equal for health. McDonald’s also has “healthy” options in their menus that include: Egg McMuffin, McChicken and Filet O’ Fish. As well in Burger King, Whopper Jr. Sandwich (w/o mayo), 4- piece Chicken Nuggets and Veggie Burger. There isn’t a huge difference in price between both, but McDonald’s tends to have cheaper prices than Burger King however studies are saying that it may be worth paying the extra buck for burger, fries and other menu items. Anyways enough of this boring information again McDonald’s is clearly better personally it tastes and doesn’t hurt my wallet as much.