Why are Jordans so Expensive?

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Why are Jordans so Expensive?

Cherontae Sanders, Writer

Why are Jordans so expensive? Jordans come in all different sizes and if you have a bigger shoe size your shoe usually costs more. The reason for that is because it’s more material and Jordan costs a lot because it’s very good material and they last a long time.

Another reason Jordans are expensive is because they take time to make. The people who are in charge of the Jordan prices also know that a lot of people are into those shoes and would pay a lot for them. People like these types of shoes because they go with everything. They also make your outfits look way better. Jordans have one of the highest quality shoes and that’s another reason people like them.

One funny thing people don’t know is the shoes Jordan is named after Michael Jordan but Michael Jordan does not own the Jordan brand. Nike actually own the brand Jordan.