Why Gaming is Good for you


clearly a very healthy person playing normal games

Malachi Ning, Writer

Remember that time when you played video games and all the sudden your mom comes in and tells you dinners ready?

Then walks in the room, looks at your games, and starts telling you to get a life?

this person is also very normal

Yeah I know I don’t but you do *sick burn* anyhow you may be wondering, why are you telling me this?

Now the reason why is no real reason.

Just to get your attention, so the real reason why I’m talking about games is because games may actually be good for you.

One of the reasons why video games are so good is because it helps exercise the brain, and it’s proven that it improves quality of life for disabled and mentally ill people.

But they’re also shown to solve problems easier.

Games such as Minecraft learn to use objects to explore environments, While the Sims are teaching how to solve problems on a much more global level.

And as for my reason for you to play games? Just having fun, sometimes life gets annoying or you’re just mad.

So you can play video games to let out some of your anxiety, it’s also really nice just to play with some friends or family from overseas.

That’s why I think games are good.