Which food is better? Chipotle vs Panda Express

Which one is the best??

Produced From:https://www.foodbeast.com/news/chipotle-and-panda-express-headliners-in-a-meat-controversy/

Produced From:https://www.foodbeast.com/news/chipotle-and-panda-express-headliners-in-a-meat-controversy/

Kate Ryazanov, Writer

Which fast food is better? My opinion is that Chipotle is better than Panda Express because I enjoy Mexican food more than Chinese food. Did you know that Panda Express and Chipotle are each other’s biggest competitors?

Panda Express usually is pretty busy and they have long lines, but the workers are still always the nicest they can be. They are always willing to give you a sample of anything that you would like to try. Panda Express is very good at frying, whether it’s the sweet fire chicken or their famous orange chicken. You can also customize your meal.

But here is the thing, there are 2,959 Chipotles in the United States and there are 2,200 Panda Expresses in the United States. This means that there are more Chipotles in the United States than Pandas. 

Unlike Panda Express, Chipotle has a very simple menu. Chipotle only has four main meal options which include burritos, bowls, salads, and tacos. Each of those items can be customized to any customer’s preference. The main meat options include chicken, steak, pork, and carnitas. Chipotle also offers a vegetarian option which is guacamole. The extra toppings, which are free (except for guacamole) include, rice, beans, cheese, corn, salsa, lettuce, and more. 

According to CateringMealPrices both fast casual chains are also surprisingly health-conscious, an uncommon trait in the fast-food industry filled with fat-laden, sodium- and MSG-rich foods.  Panda Express only offers food without MSG and Chipotle gets their ingredients from organic farmers and they always are preparing fresh food. 

So which fast food do you think is better? I would rate Panda Express a 9/10 and Chipotle a 10/10. This is for a few reasons and one of them simply being I like Mexican food more than Chinese food. I also like how Chipotle’s menu is very simple and that they always use fresh ingredients.