Top 10 Best Bottled Water Brands to Drink

Which Water is the Best???

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Kate Ryazanov, Writer

A lot of people wonder what the best water bottle brand is, so today I am going to be ranking the ten best bottled water brands. Some people might tell you that all the waters are the same or whatever they want to say, but they are simply just wrong. 

Starting of with #10 dasani. No, just no. If you are literally walking in the middle of a dessert then you might debate taking a sip of dasani, but otherwise I wouldn’t even want to see it in a gas station. If you actually enjoy drinking dasani water then you might as well drink out of a garden hose. 

It was honestly a tough choice to pick something to put for #9 but I ended up going with aquafina. According to 21ninety, when aquafina was tested for its pH level, it came out acidic. Personally, I would rather stick to non-acidic waters. A better option would be ice mountain.

This leads us to #8, ice mountain. According to Ice Mountain’s website they regularly run tests on all of their bottles and waters for safety, quality, and performance. I would say that ice mountain is the most “basic” water brand out there. 

This one was also a difficult one to choose but I ended up picking #7 being LifeWTR. I honestly don’t love the taste of this water but the pretty and unique bottles make it taste better. This water is a little more expensive and I think this is because of the effort they put into the bottles themself. 

Next is #6, Ethos. Although I do not see ethos as much in Illinois I do think that this water tastes great. I usually see this water being super over-priced in those international airports but I think that the price is worth it because of the taste of this water. 

Now we have #5, I decided to pick smart water for this. I think that smart water is honestly just iconic. Not only does this water taste good but it also has electrolytes which make you feel extra hydrated and help with headaches. 

As we come down to the last few, I think it is time to put evian in here, so #4 evian. This water is mostly sold at those high end grocery stores like Whole Foods and Sunset Foods. Although this water is pretty expensive it is always refreshing and it just makes people feel fancy when they drink it. 

Next is #3, core water. This water tastes great and it makes you feel very hydrated. According to hydratingwithore their water is ultra-purified and enhanced with electrolytes and minerals. They also have their cup cap that is made for sharing so you can “spread the wellness”. 

Now we are coming down to the last two so i think it is time to add #2 voss water. Voss water was born in Norway. Voss is known for being one of the world’s purest bottled waters. Not only does this water taste good but it also has an appealing bottle. The bottles are made of glass so they are reusable. 

The long awaited #1, Fiji. There is no other answer for this. Fiji is known for being the best tasting and most crisp tasting water. It is also the second healthiest bottled water in the world. According to kidadl, Fiji water has silica in higher amounts than regular water which helps in building immunity and increased wound healing ability.  

So there you have it, that was my rankings of the 10 best water bottle brands. I also wanted to point out that Essentia bottled water is the #1 healthiest bottled water brand in the world. I decided to not put it in the rankings because it is not sold much around where we live. Thank you for reading!